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Editor’s picks for the writing prompt#10: personal technology

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Editor’s picks for the GiaB prompt challenge #9: Marine Life

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The architects of
The magnificent castles
Of the sea — Corals

A poem

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Yes, if the oxidative stress that accelerates ageing mediated degeneration is kept in check

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Man is mortal
yet his quest for a long life
remains immortal
 — Chirag

We all age. Whether we like it or not, we will chronologically age by every passing second. Because time doesn’t freeze, but runs. We can’t stop it or even slow it down a bit.

Chronological age vs Biological age

Chronological age is defined as the age of an individual, which can be measured from the time of birth to the given date or the time of death, in days, months, and years.

A simple detail like the date…



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Exclusively for writers by writers helping writers

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A micro-fiction horror series

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I Trapped

“I live in a cottage in the deep woods. Come over for dinner, but not before 9 pm sharp,” an invitation too difficult to resist for a thirty-three-year-old bachelor.

II The Dark Tunnel


Editor’s picks for the GiaB prompt challenge #8: Apparel

Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

I would rather wear a priceless soul,
Weaved with the threads of compassion,
Kindness and love,
Than an expensive apparel,
That would soon be worn out and gone.


Thrifty Words Challenge #11: Late

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Thrifty-word prompt theme challenge #14: Fever

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A creative neuro-scientist, fascinated by the world of fiction and ageing neuroscience. Email @

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