A poem

Photo by Mark Harpur on Unsplash

Rising and falling
of waves —
Her breath

Hues of blue
kissed by the amber rays of sunlight—
Her smooth, glowing skin

and melodious breeze —
Her mesmerizing voice

marshmallow foams —
Her salty kisses

The unexplored depth —
Her dark secrets

Blackness at night —
Her soothing silence

Tsunami — 
Her unpredictable rage

All marine inhabitants —
Her priceless children

Ocean has life

Please save her.





Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

We returned to our hotel room,
After a long journey,
I was exhausted, so was he.

The weather was cold,
He needed warmth.

He carried me in his bare brawny arms,
To the soft, comfy bed,
And gently lay me down.

He wasted no time to undress,
Keeping me watch,
He removed his tops, then his pants.

He then hurriedly unzipped me,
And removed his towel.

He rushed to the bathroom,
To take a hot shower.

Leaving me alone and open.




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