Chance to Win Prizes at the Advent Calendar Event for Writers

Exclusively for writers by writers helping writers

2 min readDec 13, 2020


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Dear friends,

I would like to bring to your kind notice a golden opportunity to win plenty of prizes at an event organised by Writers Helping Writers community: The Advent Calendar for Writers.

You may wonder what it is an Advent Calendar for Writers?
Well! This is what they say in their website —

You know those Advent Calendars with delicious chocolate behind each window, counting down to Christmas? Well, it’s like that, only cooler. MUCH COOLER.

Indeed! It’s super cool, if you check in there and see what is in store.



For 14 consecutive days, there’s gonna be mind-blowing giveaways, exclusively for writers, because each prize is meant one and only for writers.

All you have to do is check in right away and claim all the prizes waiting for you.

You are just one click away from participating.

Writers Helping Writers website

The event started at Dec. 1 and will run until Dec. 19. You are not late at all. Even now, as on Dec. 13, you can claim all the thirteen prizes by just clicking each of those glittering boxes.

I came to know just yesterday, but already claimed five prizes. Not greedy! Lol. More you enter, higher the chances to win.

The list of prizes with links here to lure you:

Dec 1: A Marketing Consult with NYT Best-Selling Author Eva Lesko Natieillo
Dec 2:
A 1-Year Subscription to Fictionary Storyteller
Dec 3:
A First Chapter Edit by Fawkes Editing
Dec 4:
A Complete Manuscript Feedback Package by The Spun Yarn
Dec 5:
An OnDemand Writing Workshop with Jami Gold
Dec 6:
A 1-Year License for ProWritingAid Premium
Dec 7:
A 1-Year Subscription to One Stop for Writers
Dec 8:
A Seat in Anatomy of Prose: The Senses Course
Dec 9:
A 1-Hour Coaching Session with Christina Kaye
Dec 10: A One-on-One Mindset Wellness Coaching Session with A.J. Merlin
Dec 11: One Year Premium Membership to Scribophile
Dec 12: An 8-book Thesaurus Collection + Story Feedback from Becca & Angela
Dec 13: Something to help you start a book off right (valued at $40)
Dec 14: Something to speed learning (valued at $50 x 2 winners)

I am neither paid to pass a word about it, nor am I associated with any of the organizers in any way. I only wish any or many of us (writers) are benefited from this amazing opportunity.

With love,




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