Can Ageing be Delayed?

Yes, if the oxidative stress that accelerates ageing mediated degeneration is kept in check

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Man is mortal
yet his quest for a long life
remains immortal
 — Chirag

Chronological age vs Biological age

Chronological age is defined as the age of an individual, which can be measured from the time of birth to the given date or the time of death, in days, months, and years.

Shorter the biological age,
Healthier the man.

Ageing is a physiological process, characterized by a slow and gradual decline in the functioning of an individual, physical frailty, cognitive impairments, and an enhanced susceptibility to disease and death.

You can’t defeat your enemies
until you know who they are
— Anthony Horowitz

What is a free radical?

Author’s illustration of free radical
Author’s illustration of oxygen radical or reactive oxygen species

Anti-oxidants — The savior

Antioxidant is a molecule that donates an electron to a free radical without making itself unstable. This causes the free radical to stabilize and also become less reactive.

Oxidative stress — The Biggest challenge

Oxidative stress (OS) is defined as an imbalance between the generation of ROS and anti-oxidants.

Free radical theory of ageing

Can ageing be delayed?


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How to boost anti-oxidant defenses?

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Live healthily

To age gracefully
— Chirag



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