A Glass Of Warm Milk

A 100-Word nonfiction story

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I pinched her arm when she spilled a glass of warm milk. I thought, for the fear of punishment, she will be careful in the future.

She cried and asked sorry. I hugged her, and of course, forgave her for that tiny fault.

She helped me to clear up the mess.

A few days passed.

I spilled a glass of warm milk.

Kissing on my cheek with her soft lips, she politely said, “That’s ok, Mommy. It was just an accident. Don’t be upset.”

Salted tears streamed down my cheeks.

It wasn’t a fault, but accident,

Kindness defeated the punishment.

Chirag @ 2020

This is just heartbreaking to even write. I only gently pinched her arm, but even that was so unnecessary. I failed to be kind and didn’t have generous thoughts like my little girl. I’m proud of her. I Hope, I make her feel the same for me.

A creative neuro-scientist, fascinated by the world of fiction and ageing neuroscience. Email @ Wordpottery@gmail.com

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